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If you are from email community or specifically a cold emails sender, you must have heard the news about Google banning “some” email warmup services.

But in all this chaos, very important phrase is “some” not “all”. So we have a great news for legitimate senders who need genuine help with their emailing. Because at IPwarmup.com, we are safe from this warmup policy update.

Now you might be thinking, how our service for warmup is safe from this major update when lot of people in the email industry are panicking?

So it all started years back, because we were kind of first one to commercially offer the warmup services in the industry to legitimate senders who wanted to improve reputation and send good emails.

But because of sudden increment in warm-up service providers over the years using wrong methods and providing services to bad senders, we predicted such update coming from all ISPs/mailbox providers (not just Google) years back only.

So we changed our engagements system and kept it extremely updated with the algorithms which are liked by ISPs, which are way human then many other platforms. So we are not using methods that Google considers as violation. And we will continue to improve and upgrade our systems!

Our goal is to help businesses reach inbox of their customer’s mailbox. Because in all those billions of emails, their emails are being placed wrongly in categories such as spam, even though they are sending opt-in and permission based emails.

So we hope you got some relief after reading this article. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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