MailWizz Changelog for v1.8.0 to v1.8.3

New release of MailWizz, represents hard work by Serban Cristian (aka twisted1919) & his team. In this changelog, you’ll discover all new features & improvements made to MailWizz v1.8.3. A new feature that will catch your focus is Survey, which is new absolutely new to MailWizz platform.

Version 1.8.3 – 2019-07-18

[BUG] – Fix inability to copy surveys

Version 1.8.2 – 2019-07-18

[IMP] – Improved tracking domains handling for url transformation
[ADD] – Added surveys responder action logs
[ENH] – Campaign activity map will show up in shared campaigns as well
[BUG] – Fix a race condition in the RSS/JSON parser for campaigns when fetching remote items
[ADD] – Added ability to stop the autoresponder series automatically for contacts who reply to any of the sequence emails
[BUG] – Fix a issue where search results for surveys would return 404 pages
[MSC] – Small fixes overall

Version 1.8.1 – 2019-07-10

[BUG] – Fix broken breadcrumbs for numeric labels
[BUG] – Fix “empty” values handling in custom fields submissions for lists
[ADD] – Added API ability to create subscribers in bulk
[ENH] – Add comments for proper default value format for date and datetime custom fields for lists
[ENH] – If uploading a file for campaign attachments fails, we’ll add a notification with the failure reason
[ADD] – Added email field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added url field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added phone number field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added rating field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added basic survey functionality

Version 1.8.0 – 2019-06-27

[ENH] – Improve SendCampaignsCommand to avoid sending dupes when a combination of slow Redis and dynamic limit was set
[ADD] – Added copy_customer_email_template action hook
[MSC] – Small fixes overall

It’s observed monthly once reputation falls in Postmaster Tools by Google for no reason

Don’t worry, if you see that your reputation is suddenly dropped when you believe sending activity remained same for all month or week and no big changes were made.

Because over the months it is observed that once every month for all senders reputation falls to the lowest marks “bad” or “low” directly from “high” in Google’s Postmaster Tools ( In conversation with Google team, we received no confirmed answer for this activity. So this seems to be a bug or something else related to their algorithm.

What you have to do?

Nothing, as reputation comes to its normal stage within few days. So you continue to send the way you used to!

Snapshot for last 120 days sending activity of one domain which only handles double opt-in transactional emails (no promotional / no spam).

Google Postmaster’s Statistics are displaying now!

It seems Google has fixed issues related to their Postmaster platform which is now a relief for most of the senders. All statistics are visible now, even for missing dates which were not showing earlier.

Google took prompt action after getting notified of the issue/bug, which all senders really appreciate because is one of the easiest way to understand email sending activity towards Google (Gmail / G Suite).

Thanks Google Team 🙂

Google Postmaster’s statistics are not updating / displaying since 13 June, 2019

There is an ongoing issue with statistics/graphs in Google Postmaster ( But don’t get nervous if your account is not displaying updated statistics post June 13, 2019.

Because this is something happening with all senders no matter what quantity they’re sending from 100 to 100,000 emails, this could be because of a temporary bug with Google’s Postmaster platform.

Good news in this situation is that this bug is not effecting email deliverability towards Google servers.

Screenshot on June 25, 2019

For reference:,,

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