Email Deliverability ConsultantConsulting

With more than 14 years of experience in improving email deliverability offers deliverability consulting to optimise infrastructure, configuration and inbox placement.

Our experience with many different sending infrastructures has helped us gather knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. We are ready to share that knowledge with you.

We help ESPs, agencies, brands & individuals to optimise their email deliverability
Delivery Assessment

Our overall approach generates detailed information on key performance indicators across complete email delivery workflow. Consultants measure your email delivery route in depth to understand possibility of optimisation and start their analysis where other deliverability consultants mind switch off, at infrastructure level. We look at your MTA configuration, EMA configuration, transaction data, reputation data, email headers, logs. From there we continue looking at all verticals that influence email deliverability. consultants will start with data collection and relevant research. You will receive a report with actionable suggestions for improvement. As a follow up we can implement the suggested improvements or provide ongoing delivery monitoring service when needed.

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Inbox Strategy Consulting

Take a deep look at your email program (subscription practices, sign-up page, welcome email, what email you are sending, and unsubscribe system)

Provide recommendations to your email strategy, sign-up pages, or content which may improve things.

Review your results and statistics. What the ISPs are saying in SMTP codes, bounce messages, who is complaining and more.

Deliverability Operations

Take a look at your technical configuration: throttling rules, IP address allocation, FBLs, MTA, EMA, etc.

We can either solve problems for you or we can advise your team.

Review your results and statistics: acceptance rates, deferral rates, failure rates, what the ISPs are saying in SMTP codes and more.

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