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New release of MailWizz, represents hard work by Serban Cristian (aka twisted1919) & his team. In this changelog, you’ll discover all new features & improvements made to MailWizz v1.8.3. A new feature that will catch your focus is Survey, which is new absolutely new to MailWizz platform.

Version 1.8.3 – 2019-07-18

[BUG] – Fix inability to copy surveys

Version 1.8.2 – 2019-07-18

[IMP] – Improved tracking domains handling for url transformation
[ADD] – Added surveys responder action logs
[ENH] – Campaign activity map will show up in shared campaigns as well
[BUG] – Fix a race condition in the RSS/JSON parser for campaigns when fetching remote items
[ADD] – Added ability to stop the autoresponder series automatically for contacts who reply to any of the sequence emails
[BUG] – Fix a issue where search results for surveys would return 404 pages
[MSC] – Small fixes overall

Version 1.8.1 – 2019-07-10

[BUG] – Fix broken breadcrumbs for numeric labels
[BUG] – Fix “empty” values handling in custom fields submissions for lists
[ADD] – Added API ability to create subscribers in bulk
[ENH] – Add comments for proper default value format for date and datetime custom fields for lists
[ENH] – If uploading a file for campaign attachments fails, we’ll add a notification with the failure reason
[ADD] – Added email field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added url field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added phone number field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added rating field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] – Added basic survey functionality

Version 1.8.0 – 2019-06-27

[ENH] – Improve SendCampaignsCommand to avoid sending dupes when a combination of slow Redis and dynamic limit was set
[ADD] – Added copy_customer_email_template action hook
[MSC] – Small fixes overall

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